How an Innovative Online Job Platform can Revolutionize Recruitment and Hiring Processes


Navigating the employment landscape on a regular day, whether as a jobseeker or employer, is no easy task. Add to the mix an ongoing pandemic and the ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon, and the challenges become even more complicated.

The pandemic resulted in widespread job losses as major industries such as tourism shut down. Other businesses, small, medium and even large ones, struggled to keep their doors open as the world shut down and life as we knew it quickly vanished. Between borders closing and extensive lockdowns, many business operations could not be sustained.

According to the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), during the first quarter of 2021, the Jamaican economy declined by approximately 5.7% due to the continued effects of the pandemic.  The services industry continued to see a decline of 8.1% for the same period.

As of July 2021, according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, the unemployment rate was at 8.5%. This is a representation of persons described as ‘looking for work’, ‘wanting to work’, as well as ‘available to work’. On the other hand, the job-seeking rate stood at 5.2% and indicated persons actively seeking employment. (Methodology for Labour Force) While not at the highest rates since 2020, the local job market remains in recovery.

The pandemic has influenced many shifts globally for jobseekers and employers alike. In the United States, the ‘Great Resignation’ resulted in more than 4 million workers quitting jobs in August 2021. This trend has been linked directly to the pandemic and is a key indicator of how the labour market will continue to change in the coming months.

As both employers and job seekers adjust to this new employment landscape, utilizing an innovative online job platform as a recruitment partner can help to relieve some of the expected, and unexpected stresses that come with the territory. While not a new discovery, not all job boards are made the same.

This article outlines why an online job board like Hire Me Jamaica, Jamaica’s revolutionary employment solution,  should be the not-so-secret tool in a job seeker’s and employer’s search strategy.

Maximize your time and minimize your costs

Hire Me Jamaica is an intelligent online platform that saves companies time and money by reducing their workload and costs while maximizing their efficiency. With a simple and user-friendly platform, in just a couple of clicks, a business can get started with customized searches for the best candidate to meet their needs.


Businesses have a choice of four corporate package plans ranging in price from US$5.99 to US$59.99. Each package determines the total access time an employer will have on the site to search potential candidates. At US$5.99, the job platform offers access to all candidates for one day, and at US$59.99, employers are granted access to search for 31 days. Businesses can maximize their time while minimizing their costs.

These packages afford employers the ability to fine-tune their timeline to search for candidates that will effectively meet their hiring requirements. This flexibility also provides them with the opportunity to better streamline their processes from the recruitment stage through to hiring.

Job seekers benefit from a free registration process. Once they complete their profile as guided on the platform, they become available for employer searches. Instead, a job seeker will only be aware of a company’s interest in them based on the number of times their profile is viewed by the potential employer.  This format affords companies the opportunity to maximize their time by focusing on the potential candidates that best fit their needs without the overwhelm of filtering multiple random applications.

The job seeker is, therefore, provided the opportunity to complete a profile that extends beyond the standard resume format. To attract the right employer, each registered candidate can incorporate personalized and creative elements in their profile to help them stand out as the best option for hire.

Put your best self forward beyond words on paper

We all know the struggle, hoping and praying for that interview invitation call so you can really showcase your suitability to a potential employer. Hire Me Jamaica is very aware that personalities do not always shine through on paper. Therefore, job seekers and employers are left at a disadvantage when selecting who they hope to be an ideal candidate for an available role.

This innovative platform allows job seekers to personalize their profiles with a portfolio showcasing their work and expertise, as well as with a unique personal video. This creative element allows candidates to prepare a professional video that can be used to highlight their soft skills and other distinctive talents that may not necessarily stand out on a standard resume.

Hire Me Jamaica helps its customers to put their best selves forward so the best connections are made. No longer will candidates feel as if they are not truly represented on a platform. Companies will also find it easier to identify who they believe will be the best fit for their company culture, and fast-track their hiring processes.

Hire Me Jamaica is your employment revolution

In a world where businesses are currently working to recover from a pandemic, it is increasingly difficult for them to source the skill sets  needed to sustain their workforce. On the other hand, while some jobseekers now have some leverage in the labour market, jobs are still not quite at their fingertips.

Hire Me Jamaica is spearheading an employment revolution through its platform to help change how employers and jobseekers connect for the future of work. Companies need to make sure they have a solid recruitment and hiring process, and job seekers must be sure that they showcase their true talents and capabilities to stand out as ideal candidates.

This is why Hire Me Jamaica, a choice online job platform was developed. An employment solution is needed that both job seekers and employers can utilize as a recruitment partner to achieve their goals. A job board such as this one provides many benefits to users ranging from cost and time efficiency to providing customization features during the search process to support suitable matches.

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Published on: 2021-10-29 18:09:16