Hire Me is Jamaica’s first hiring platform that connects employers and job candidates in a

We say no to inefficient processes. No to job postings and milling through hundreds of unqualified applicants to find that ideal candidate. Instead, employers can simplify the decision-making process to find not only suitable candidates, but more of them. Job seekers can showcase more than just their resumé.

Our process allows you to enjoy a less restrictive recruitment and hiring process. In doing so, both employers and candidates can move from recruitment to offer letter faster.

We have been on both sides of the coin – trying to find a job based on a bland resumé and recruiting the right candidates based on similar resumés. Arising from these frustrations, we have made the most effective online employment solution. Hire Me is the platform that accounts for the needs and challenges of both employers and job seekers.

Hire Me is revolutionizing the traditional resumé-only recruitment process. We are giving job seekers and employers undiluted access to each other. All levels of job seekers for any business type can register. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies can recruit and hire their ideal candidate.